How can I import Wine into Canada?

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Importing Wine into Canada is a very popular question that we receive.

There are a number of answers to this question, depending on the use case of the wine.

For this Q & A we will start with PERSONAL imports of wine.

Personal Import - Up to 1.5 litres of wine: (Two 750 ml bottles)

You can bring in two 750 ml bottles of wine personally with no duties or taxes.

More information here:

Greater than 1.5 litres, up to 45.45 litres:

"Greater than 1.5 litres, up to 45.45 litres. In communicating with the BC Liquor Distribution board, I learned that up to 45.45 litres of wine (60 x 750ml bottles) maximum may be brought into BC under casual importation, " long as the product accompanies them through Customs." In this case - where you are physically driving across the border or arriving by plane and have the wine with you, you pay the taxes at the border, assuming you have all the paperwork arranged ahead of time (see below). If your wine collection is being shipped separately? Read more below..."

More information here:

Greater than 45.45 litres:

Larger collections (greater than 60 x 750ml bottles). Typically these arrive in a separate shipment. "As a former resident of Canada, you are not limited to the amount of liquor imported except very large quantities approved by our Director." The importation process is the same as with up to 45.45 litres. The BC Liquor Distribution Board "Settler's Effects Letter" explaining this. (PDF file that downloads when you click on the link)

More information here:

Please note that A & A typically handles COMMERCIAL imports, and this subject of importing wine is generally a personal import. We would like to suggest you reference this web page for more detail in importing wine personally:

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