How can I find the duty on my product or calculate customs duties?

Updated 2 years ago by GB Robins

Many items have duty or customs duties, depending on their Tariff and Country of Manufacture.

A quick tip - If your items are made in the USA, Canada or Mexico, and you are importing into the USA, Canada or Mexico, your items will be DUTY FREE under the CUSMA agreement.

If your items are manufactured in other countries, then you will need to confirm the Tariff for the item, and the duty rate for that Tariff.

You can find your own tariff and duty rates here.

If you want our help, just click on the "Contact" button at the top right of this page, and tell us as much about your item as possible, and include a picture or link if you can. We will provide you with the tariff classification and duty rates for your items.

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