How much does a customs broker cost?

Updated 2 years ago by GB Robins

Customs brokers typically charge for the work involved in creating and clearing the shipment through customs.

Think of these two different types of transactions:

  1. 1 container of ceiling fans, $200,000 - This is 1 tariff item, a large transaction, very straight forward
  2. 1 container of 500 different items for a Dollar Store - $100,000 - This is potentially 500 different tariff items, a lot of effort to classify, not very straight forward

So the pricing for #1 above will be fairly straight forward, and pricing for #2 will be more expensive.

Customs brokers also typically give volume discounts just like freight companies - the more shipments you have with a customs broker, the more of a discount you will see. If you have 10 shipments per month, your pricing will likely be more expensive than if you have 200 shipments per month.

At A & A, our customers prefer simple, transparent pricing - and our customers typically prefer a flat rate fee per entry so they can predict their costs.

If you are looking for a quote, head to this page and we'll give you a no obligation quote on your imports:

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