Where can I find customs forms?

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At A & A, we try to make the border disappear for our customers - and one of the most painful things in our business is the "F" word... That's right, FORMS!

However, we are modernizing and looking to offer the easiest Form experience possible by digitizing as many forms as possible so you can fill out and sign them on your mobile device if you wish.

Here are some of our digitized Forms:


Form Name

Form Link

ACH Debit Application


USA Power of Attorney - USA Company


USA Power of Attorney - Non USA Company (Canadian company, etc.)



Canadian Power of Attorney


GST Letter Application


If you're looking for a form that we don't have listed, please email us and we will find it / get it for you, click Contact on the Top Right corner of this page and we'll get the form you need!

Whether you're looking for a Canada Customs Invoice, a NAFTA (CUSMA) certificate, we have the most common forms listed here: https://www.aacb.com/resources/forms/

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