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Pre reading before applying for your Safe Food for Canadians licence:

What to consider before applying for a Safe Food for Canadians licence

The key steps to obtaining your licence:

  1. Create a MyCFIA account (unless you already have one)
    One thing to note for signing up, you will need to upload a completed Proof of Authority For My CFIA Business Use form.
    Articles of Incorporation showing the business name are also needed for uploading during the application process.
    It's nice to have documents ready so you can upload right away when you are creating the MyCFIA account.
  2. Apply online, for your Safe Foods License through your MyCFIA account.
    This again is a pretty easy process and doesn't take long to do.
    There is a fee for the Safe Foods License that you will need to pay for by credit card when you are finishing up the online application process.

Further reading: Safe Foods for Canadians Regulation: Infographic: Everything You Need to Know About SFCR as a Food Importer/Exporter (Almost!)

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